Case Studies

"A report that used to take us almost 2 weeks to generate, now takes 10 minutes"


  • Commissions. Babalu Inc., Santa Barbara, CA

Situation: Babalu Inc. required a specific commissions report based upon invoices that were ONLY completely paid, and within a certain time frame; additionally they needed to group their sales reps according to specific criteria, and there were a variety of commission rate rules that were dependent upon customer, sales rep, or sales rep group. Manually this project was taking up to 8 hours each month to calculate and put together.
Result: CLEARIFY worked with Babalu to enter transactions in a specific/consistent fashion, while availing themselves the use of several types of custom fields to engineer the final solution. The report completes within several minutes.

"This report is awesome!. Thank you for making our life easier - and our sales reps happy" Blair Everett, Owner

  • Financial Reporting. Accent Food Services, Austin, TX

Situation: Monthly closing required a series of comparative financials for both departmental, and consolidated reporting needs, including budget and class dimensions. As a manual operation this would take up to two weeks to complete.
Result: CLEARIFY worked with their controller to map out the various groupings, and created several reporting solutions that simultaneously used QuickBooks data, and route/sales day data stored in a spreadsheet. A report would print out in several minutes.

"I have come back to CLEARIFY several times over the years, when we have needed major changes to our layout or information groupings. I love my reports!" Bart Glaser, Controller

  • Job Profitability. DesignsbyJo, Inc. Chesapeake, VA

Situation: What seemed like a simple request, took many manual steps to complete. They wanted to look at ALL the transaction details for each job - but ONLY for those jobs that had activity within a certain time frame. To work around several QuickBooks reporting limitations, they had to run a report to find out which jobs had activity within a certain period, then manually run a job profitability detail report - ONE job at a time.

This Process would take up to 3 hours to complete - once each week.

Result: CLEARIFY was able to create the report to their exact specifications, and DesignsByJo could run the report for ALL jobs (in succession) in less than 5 minutes.

"We were so ecstatic to be able pull up a report for all jobs, and relieved that it saved us so much time" Joyce M., Controller

  • Job Costing - Manufacturing. Harris Thermal Transfer Products, Newberg, OR

Situation: Harris Thermal had moved from another accounting system to Intuit Enterprise Solutions, and was dependent upon 4 varations of job costing reports for various department heads, accounting, and the president. Manually, it would have meant running up to 3 or 4 QuickBooks reports (time by job, estimate vs actual, Open Purchase Orders, etc.) and 'splicing' them together to create the end report solutions.

Intuit referred Harris to CLEARIFY to see what could be done.

Result: CLEARIFY was able to build upon the job costing logic it had used for so many other job costing reports, and adjusted it to create the reporting solutions that Harris Thermal needed. Once completed, Harris Thermal was able to move to Enterprise Solutions as its sole accounting system.

"CLEARIFY worked miracles for us. I didn't think it was possible at first, but with each report request that they had fulfilled, I had faith in whatever they told me" Janice D., Controller

  • Job Costing - Contracting. F.M. Acoustical Tile Inc., Sioux Falls, SD

Situation: The Owner wanted a particular format to track all aspects of his Job Costing on one to two pages: including customer/job information, basic contract amount, percentage completion, details of inventory and labor used on the job. In QuickBooks this would require information from several report and screen resources.
Result: F.M. Acoustical gave a report format to work with, and CLEARIFY was able to match it using the exact same format. Manually this report would have taken several hours to produce - PER JOB. The report solution allowed F.M. Acoustical to run information about multiple jobs in less than a minute or two.

"CLEARIFY met my expectations and then some. I was impressed to see a final report solution that matched the format I had given them" Mike McElroy, Owner

  • Inventory Forecasting. Nina Designs LTD, Oakland, CA

Situation: Nina Designs wanted to combine the current QuickBooks Inventory Stock Status report with historical sales information to create a forecasting model that would help them automate the ordering process to efficiently replenish their inventory levels.
Result: CLEARIFY created a custom report solution that allowed Nina Designs to choose specific sales date ranges and "weld" it together with certain pieces of the Inventory Stock Status repoort for a seamless end result. Press a button, choose dates, and presto - instant forecast.

"We are completely dependent upon this report for all of our inventory reporting - and we have been using it 2 to 3 times per week for over 5 years now". Leah R, Vice President

  • Forms. Audio Images International, Inc. Jacksonville, FL

Situation: Audio Images wanted a custom statement that modeled a utility statment, where both the current activity and previous aging details existed on one page. They mailed out several thousand monthly statements, and were spending resources and money to answer customer questions about account and balance information.
Result: CLEARIFY used the example given to them by Audio Images, and produced a statement that matched the specifications and enabled it to be printed on a pre-printed stationery design.

"This is just what we wanted. We were afraid that we would have to move to another accounting system - just to accommodate this important piece of our operations" Carol K. Staff Accountant

  • Multi-Company Reporting The Woda Group, LLC Westerville, OH

Situation: The Woda Group worked with over 175 QuickBooks files with similar charts of accounts, and needed a way to: print out certain monthly financials, and lookup escrow balances without having to open each QuickBooks file, one at a time.
Result: CLEARIFY used its multi-reporting tool to automatically grab all of the data from each file, and then created a series of Crystal Reports that would print out ALL financial reports with the touch of a button.

"We looked at a lof of solutions, but there none to compare the capability and simplicity of this one. We can't even begin to tell you how many hours this has saved us, as we had to physically open each QuickBooks file, one at a time to print out reports, or lookup information." Amy Brown, Controller

  • Management Reporting & Dashboards. Quality Turf Farms, West Columbia, TX

Situation: Quality Turf Farms has always used Peachtree as its accounting software, and the owner wanted management reports with rolling budgets, so that each month he would replace the recently closed period budget information with actuals. In addition he required a daily management report showing, sales, quantities, deposits, inventory levels, etc.
Result: CLEARIFY automated the process for the rolling budgets using Excel, by grabbing the data from Peachtree, and using a simple input mechanism - without the use of programming, or macros. CLEARIFY also used Crystal Reports and XCelisus to create the daily management report for the owner, so he had the ability to both visualize and drill down on his data.

"There is financial reporting, and then there is management reporting; I just wanted to see the data pertinent to my daily operations. CLEARIFY did a magnificent job!" Stephen Brown, Owner

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