Support Options


  • Installation and Configuration. Start here in the CLEARIFY community for information on installation requirements and procedures, and configuration.
  • Troubleshooting Technical Issues. 95% of all Help Desk Issues involve communication between QuickBooks and QQube, but are 100% controllable by the user.  Search our Knowledge Base for answers or post a question in our Discussion Forums.

  • Writing Reports. Our Solutions Community contains over 400 instructional wikis, report examples, and information on using QQube with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SAP Crystal Reports, etc. You can even chat in real time with Community Members who are currently online - including CLEARIFY support personnel.
  • Paid Support. There are times where you are unable to find a simple solution to your problem, or it requires us to login to your system to work through the details. Please use our contact form to request an appointment , or if during normal business hours ask our live support personnel to set one up for you. The fee is $135.00 per incident and must be paid at the beginning of your call using MC, Visa, or Discover.

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