Executive Profiles

Chuck Vigeant is the founder of CLEARIFY and is the current Managing Partner.


Chuck's accounting roots began in 1977 as a branch controller for the Ben E. Keith Co. in Dallas, Texas where he migrated manual accounting systems to mainframe computers and obtained Accredited Personnel Credentials to establish a personnel department from scratch.


While engaging in a professional golf career in the 1980s he started a traditional bookkeeping, tax and IRS problem solving practice, that simultaneously entailed the installation of the first Personal Computers and accounting software (Peachtree) in his clients businesses. By the year 2000 his business morphed into a large one stop shop company that provided a combination of accounting, technology, and internet solutions - using a variety of accounting and software packages for well over 400 clients.


In 2003, Chuck sold his businesses and decided to focus on his passion: QuickBooks reporting and integration. He immediately partnered with FLEXquarters, the creators of the QODBC driver, and spent three years working tirelessly with their chief engineer to produce a product that would become licensed by QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for custom reporting purposes. During this period of time Chuck produced the first Crystal Reports for QuickBooks, and soon became known as the grandfather of Crystal Reports for QuickBooks.


In April, 2006 he officially christened his business as ACCOUNTiGRATE, and emerged as the most sought after expert on QuickBooks custom reporting and integration, while quickly building a business that became the worlds largest provider of these services. Chuck also enlisted ACCOUNTiGRATE as a charter Enterprise Solutions VAR, and an SAP Solutions Partner.


Beginning in 2007, Chuck closely consulted for 2 1/2 years with Intuit on their Business Analysis ES and various cloud applications, as a data analyst, database engineer, schema architect and Business Objects specialist to transform the raw QuickBooks data into usable and manageable pieces for their engineering and asset design teams; and further assisted in the organization and presentation of the semantic data levels upon which the Business Objects tools were used.

In 2010, Chuck created a new business identity called CLEARIFY which would be come a new strategic umbrella for providing reporting solutions, business analytics and data visualization and which would promulgate a focus on giving easier access to data with which business owners could make better decisions. The core technology, known as QQube, has been wildly successful, and finally enabled small business to take advantage of data warehouse technology which was previously available only to large companies.


He has received awards from the Austin Entrepreneurs Association, was a keynote speaker at the National Association for Professional Saleswomen, and taught business curriculums at local community colleges. He now speaks regularly at Intuit functions, CPA chapters, and the annual Sleeter Group accounting technology conference.


Chuck achieved several technical certifications - most notably MCSE and CCNA; and holds a Bachelors degree in Business and Public Administration from The University of Hartford, and a Masters of Education degree from The University of North Texas.


Currently, Chuck is a member Emeritus of the prestigious Intuit Accountant and Advisor Council, having served in 2005 and 2006; a member of the Intuit speakers Bureau; an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and a paid consultant for various Intuit projects.

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