In The News

May 8, 2012

CLEARIFY announces progressive Release 4.1 which drastically improves speed while introducing new features for Fill Rate, Serial and Lot Number Fullfilment.

March 19, 2012

Version 4 of QQube is released, with ground breaking data warehouse technology for small and mid-market QuickBooks users, offering advanced analysis reporting capabilities for Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Payroll, and General Ledger Details in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SAP Crystal Reports, or other analytic tools.

November, 2011

CLEARIFY receives "Awesome Add-On Award" from The Sleeter Group, the world's largest collection of accounting technologists.

March, 2011

CLEARIFY announces its new QQube Technology which allows users to create reports in minutes, not hours or days. QQube eliminates the need to know tables, relationships, reverse engineering.

April, 2010

ACCOUNTiGRATE becomes CLEARIFY with a changing focus on solutions, tools and ideas that empower businesses to operate, scale, and grow their businesses with minimal pain.

February, 2009

ACCOUNTiGRATE creates its 7,000th custom business and accounting solution

October, 2008

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions announces Business Analysis ES.Chuck Vigeant, Managing Partner of ACCOUNTiGRATE, LP was contracted by Intuit as a data analyst, database engineer, schema architect and Business Objects specialist to transform the raw QuickBooks data into usable and manageable pieces for their engineering and asset design teams; and further assisted in the organization and presentation of the semantic data levels upon which the Business Objects tools are used.

March, 2008

The Sleeter Group becomes the sole sponsor of the April-May ACCOUNTiGRATE boot camps for QODBC, and custom report writing using Excel, and Crystal Reports.

January, 2008

Chuck Vigeant, Managing Partner of ACCOUNTiGRATE reaches an agreement with Doug Sleeter, President of The Sleeter Groupto produce a monthly newsletter on topics ranging from ODBC technology to custom reporting to Business Intelligence.

November, 2007

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions announces their new Business Intelligence offering built on the tools from Business Objects. Chuck Vigeant, Managing Partner of ACCOUNTiGRATE, LP was contracted by Intuit as an engineering consultant for this offering, and provided assistance in creating the data requirements, raw database queries, and testing methodology.

June, 2007

ACCOUNTiGRATE, LP becomes a Business Objects Solution Provider

May, 2007

ACCOUNTiGRATE conducts the first ODBC boot camps in Houston, Texas.Full day classes include QODBC, Using QODBC with Excel and Crystal Reports

October, 2006

ACCOUNTiGRATE is invited by Intuit to participate as a charter member of the Enterprise VAR program.

Spring, 2006

ACCOUNTiGRATE is hand picked by Intuit to create a time and billing QuickBase application for public resale.

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