Partner Programs



There are four levels of participation, ranging from simple referrals to substantial involvement in the technical and business aspects of QQube Technology.


  • Affiliate program. Designed for those who do not normally involve themselves in the area of creating reports or analysis for their clients. This is strictly a referral program.
  • Certification Program. Created for those who want to become proficient at creating reports and analysis for their clients, but not ready to make the full time commitment or investment in the Solution Provider Program listed below.
  • Solution Provider Program. If you wish to make substantial returns on engagements involving custom report writing or business analytics, then this program will give you all of the tools you need for a nominal investment.
  • Associate Program. For those forms who provide adjunct services and advanced training opportunities for existing and potential QQube clients.
  • Certified Trainer Program. This is a limited group, and involves those are well experienced in the teaching and training fields and requires an Authorized Education Partner Agreement ('AEP') with CLEARIFY. Certified Trainers are commissioned by CLEARIFY to teach nationwide sponsored events.


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