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Small Business Analytics
Gain Clear Reporting and Visual Business Insights with QQube

CLEARIFY® is your home for small and mid-sized business analytics.

Gain easier access to
your data

Our flagship product QQube™ reduces the complexity and time it takes to capture raw data and create analytics outside of your application.

Take control of your

Use tools you are familiar with such as Excel, SAP Crystal Reports, Tableau, Lumira, Power BI to create pixel perfect reports, or advanced analytics.

Make better business

Gain accelerated insight into acquisition costs, customer buying profiles, inventory management, job costing, cash flow management and more.

CLEARIFY Products and Solutions

QQube Analytics

QQube Analytics Technology

QQube simplifies the access to your information and provides drag and drop functionality in the reporting tool of your choice. Sales and Customer Metrics, Financial Analysis, Job Costing, Inventory Management, Payroll, Audit Trail and Sales Tax.

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SAP Business Intelligence Tools

SAP Business Intelligence

We resell the SAP Business Intelligence Tool portfolio for small business, from the time tested SAP Crystal Reports for pinpoint report layout, to newer visual technologies like SAP Crystal Dashboards, and Lumira.

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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI changes the landscape for visual reporting and analytics. The Power BI Designer, is a free report authoring tool, for creating data mashups and visual analytics on the desktop, or for uploading into the cloud for access on any device, anywhere.

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The Four Pillars of Business Analytics


Assess the sources of your leads, gauge the metrics associated with each stage of the selling process, and determine your acquisition costs - the first pillar of business analytics.

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Identify your ideal customer, construct customer profiles, analyze buying patterns, cross-selling opportunities and churn rates, assess customer profitability, and more.

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Review your costs to produce and provide products and services, manage inventory, oversee manufacturing processes, and analyze job and project costs.

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Analyze overhead, create compliant financial reports, monitor budgets and forecasts, build accurate cash flow forecast models, audit user activity and sales tax receipts

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